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Festival of street wizards in Pula is a festival of professional artists and troupes that perform outside the institutionalized theaters and circuses. Culturally artistic event, that lasts for several days, shows a contemporary approach to street theater, relying on a world trend that follows the combination of music, dance and joggling with the demanding skills such as walking on a wire and string, work with a trapeze and silk, acrobatics etc.

One of the main characteristics of this festival is a procession that includes all the present artists. Cirkusfera participated in that procession. Along with other performers we carried the hat, juggled with scarves and cones, bringing joy to the tourists and locals,  letting them know that the festival FUC is in town.

Theater Urnebessa, within a program for children called “fuckalica”, in 2006. performed a show “Suncica and her dream friend Sisko”.

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