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25 October—5 November 2011


Belgrade cultural map of today is vastly different than in previous decades, thanks to innovative programs, dozens of cultural organizations, formal and informal art groups and independent scene initiatives. Important institutions have been closed for years now due to the reconstructions or waiting for rehabilitation, and many of the once cult places no longer exist or they lost their audiences due to passivity. Although at first glance it might seem as if the cultural scene vanished and that there is a lack of interest among new generations,the fact is that in the 21st century the venue map actually changed- a map of vivid places with something going on at all times, where culture is created.

In the center and the periphery, inner courtyards, malls, schools, industrial buildings, on the doors, in basements, warehouses, on riverbanks or in the commotion of the transit traffic, occasionally as a guest of the institutions, but also on the streets, something important and different has been going on for years.

The impact and importance of SKC, Belgrade Youth Center, Kinoteka(Cinematheque), some of the festivals was taken over by the KCRex, KC Grad, Center for Cultural Decontamination, Magacin… New gallery spaces have been established – Remont, Third Belgrade, O3ONE. Energy of once the most visited film festivals is represented today by some of the most important cultural institutions – FreeZone, Beldocs, Author Film Festival… What BITEF once represented is now implemented continuously throughout the year by numerous independent theatrical initiatives (Dah Theatre, Plavo Pozorište,Mimart, ApsArt, Hop.La!… ). Small publishers now publish the cultbooks… At various locations all over the city the New are emerging,without conditions, often without the resources, out of the mere desire to say “something”, bring some creativity to the new audiences, new participants in a tough light to preserve and protect the cultural needs of the citizens.

There are dozens of selforganized, independent, formal and informal organizations and initiatives actively working in Belgrade which produce hundreds of public programs annually.

“Self-powered” will present about 70 programs created by nearly 30 organizations in the spaces which host the independent scene. An intensive ten-day program is an intersection of diversity and potential of the independent cultural scene, offering different content, pointing to the problems and challenges the protagonists face, searching for possible solutions.

“Self-powered” leads the audience through different, creative Belgrade, which is not only in the very center, but also in the neighbourhood .Meet the contemporary cultural map of Belgrade!

The program and schedule: BELGRADE INDEPENDENT CULTURE – Self-powered

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