Circus skills workshops

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The program is designed as a suite of workshops and training sessions where each student can attend any workshop or training.

Duration: November, December

Price: 2000 dinars per month



18-20h aerial acrobatics workshop
20-22h open training


19-21h basic circus skills workshops


18-20h aerial acrobatics workshop
20-22h open training

Contact Person: Uros Kuridza tel: 066409247


Basic circus skills workshop

The workshop will include training of juggling and object manipulation, basic ground floor acrobatics , ekvilibrium (walking on a wire and flange).The workshops will be based on exercises to develop flexibility, sense of space, coordination, balance and strength exercises to develop the entire body.

During the workshop, through theory and practice participants will be familiarize with the skills represented in the circus and with props that are used for certain performance. Through the process of education, they will have the opportunity to explore circus art through their own prism. The workshops are designed by the system of group and individual performance, according to the preferences of each individual students.

Workshop Instructor: Milan Manic

Instructors at the open trainings: Uros Kuridza and Giorgio Ivanovic

Aerial acrobatics workshop

Workshop for beginners

Workshop contains basic acrobatic elements performed on the fabric, the key elements for security of acrobats, with progressive training and achievement of physical fitness for the transition to next acrobatic level.

Advanced workshop

Acquired skills from workshop for beginners, security and readiness in linking movements , work on individual and group choreography.

Aerial silk – combines acrobatic and dance movements in the air. Acrobatics on silk is a circus art that is classically done in two vertical fabric a minimum of 5 meters long. Acrobats use the fabric to wrap, suspend, fall, swing, and spiral their bodies into and out of various positions.

Aerial Ring – ring steel on which acrobats perform aerial acrobatics, balance in static poses and skillfully shows the beauty of movement and flexibility of the body in a dynamic linked figures.

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  1. Workshops :

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  2. Pierre :

    I write my question here because your email adress didn’t work : :)

    Dear Cirkusfera team,

    I’m a young french juggler just starting to live in Belgrade this year.

    So, I was on the BIGZ building in september and found your place. A guy told me you have free time session for juggling but I didn’t find any information about that on your website.

    Is there a freetime for juggling or if we want to juggle we can sign up to the workshop ?

    Thanks in advance for your anwser and hope to see you soon in BIGZ building,




  3. jejazz :

    as you can see we have workshops and training organised in our place in BIGZ: every monday,wednesday,friday.
    You don’t have to signup for workshop or training, just come and see, try to do some things. If you like it, you can
    continue with training.

    At saturday we have some event, if you want, you can come to meet us, have fun and see the place. Maybe to talk some more about this.
    see you

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