Oh Serbia, among the plums! (patriotic DADA soare)

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_IGP3546Oh Serbia, among the plums! (patriotic DADA soare)

concept, directing: Ivana Koraksic
Dada lovers: Milan Manic, Dušan Muric, Miona Petrovic i Igor Filipovic
Costumes, video & graphic design: Tamara Jovanovic
Production: Cirkusfera

One dancer + one actor + one clown + one ZUM ( ’star’ of arty muddling) = four plums (plumes univerzalis)
Four plums + dada + manifestos + patriotic poetry = theatre performance
A performance about leaving Here: leaving Serbia, leaving civilization as we know it, leaving Planet…or to enter into another System. About trying to make an own System, about inefficiency of rebellion. Critic of any system, whatever, it’s  all the same…

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The renegade cabaret Spontana consists of juggling, acrobatic, musical, clown acts and all kinds of other funny performances. We fight for or against the crisis of capital, morals or spirit and our weapons are spontaneity and joy! The audience will have a chance to see a very varied selection of artists who are mostly without regular opportunities to perform, without insurance or home, people who are virtually at the bottom of the social ladder (although we are not prone to excluding the elite, especially if its members are ready to make a charitable donation). The lowest of the low in Belgrade do not have anything to lose in this situation, but they have so much to offer. Come and celebrate freedom of spirit with us. Long live Cabaret SPONTANA!


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“Trenchtown festival” is the music festival, held on Palic lake, near Subotica on the north of Serbia.
CIRKUSFERA participate in this festival with perfomances and workshops!

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