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Aerial acrobatics workshop – Trapeze

November 4, 2011 - 1:54 pm No comment

 Aerial acrobatics workshop - trapeze

“Circus Arts Laboratory”

Aerial acrobatics workshop – Trapeze

As part of the project “Circus Arts Laboratory,” Cirkusfera in cooperation with the Association Cirkorama from Zagreb invites you to a Aerial acrobatics workshop – trapeze, artist Marie Mercadal.

The workshop is based on an approach through the trapeze dance movement and body posture in the air, feelings and  different rhythms, as well as directing students to build their own style. In addition to learning and establishing the basic figures, workshop will be focused on designing new ones. The work on the ground will be equally represented and interwoven with the work in the air.

Workshop is meant for all interested beginners and experienced acrobats, as well as persons engaged in acrobatics on silk or a rope.

People with physical disabilities are welcome, but they have to inform us at the beginning of the workshop, to adapt the exercise and avoid injury.

Mercadal Marie is a versatile french artist and art therapist, Who has a series of successes working in all fields of circus arts, both performing and educational.

The workshop will be held from 14 to 18 November 2011,  Cirkusfera space
BIGZ building, VI floor, Boulevard vojvode Misica 17.
The duration of the workshop is
3 hours per day.
Participation: 2000 dinars.
The number of participants is limited.