Cirkusfera is an organization for the development of contemporary circus, animation art, contemporary and street theater. It brings together dedicated to young artists who know the art of juggling, object manipulation, acrobatics, equilibrism, clown technique, acting.

We are committed to promoting the development of culture and art, the affirmation of the performing arts (contemporary circus and street theater) and the independent art scene dreams, education of children and youth, environmental initiatives, raising awareness of the physical and mental health and lifelong learning.

It is also committed to the establishment of a regional network for the development of contemporary circus, theater decentralization of activities in Serbia, international cooperation with professional artists and educators from the fields of performing arts, particularly from the fields of contemporary circus.

Among the important activities of the organization belongs to an educational program, “lab a circus art” production “SOS Planet Earth calling,” “Circus of Environmental Skills” and “Oh Serbia among plums” and always different Cirkusferin “Cabaret Spontaneous”.[:]