Circus Night

This year’s Circus Night comes with the idea of playing with distance, space, air and freedom.
Circus Night wants to find itself, the artists and the audience again. To enable the circulation of performances, to share the values of popular and dedicated circus art, which will feed our curiosity…Life!

More than 80 cultural organizations and institutions are connected to this 3rd edirion, which will present more than 200 events across Europe, with an emphasis on France.

La Nuit du Cirque ( Circus Night) is an international event organized by the Territorie de Cirque with the support of the French Ministry of Culture in collaboration with the French Institute, Cicostrada network and circusnext.

Cirkusfera as a member of the Circostrada network and circusnext, is celebrating Circus Night this year as well. On that occasion, we will host the French company Martine a la plage, which is coming to Belgrade again after almost a decade, with the play “The Reconciliation” and the professional workshops led by Johan Swartvagher, currently one of the most innovative French jugglers.

Collective Martine a la Plage (FR):
»The Reconciliation«

11.11. 20h
Club Drugstore, Bulevar Despota Stefana 115

Duration: 50 min
Entrance: free

Co-authors and performers: Johan Swartvagher i Bertrand Depoortere
Stage manager: Erwan Sautereau

About the show:

The performer tries to dance the world. The photographer photographs the world.

In “The Reconciliation”, the juggler Johan Swartvagher attempts the absurd and heroic act of awakening and consoling the photographs of Bertrand Depoortère through juggling.
As for the photographer, he attempts to observe the space attentively.
By extension, this utopian act tells a story that goes beyond the two authors, that of the possibility of consoling the world through art. An act that is objectively impossible but which finds its strength in the attempt.

In this performance, from black and white photographs we will all go in search of the invisible,
In this performance, I will do things so tiny, that no one will be able to see or feel them,
In this performance, I will juggle for the living and the dead.
In this performance, there will be flowers with sweeter scents than anything you could have imagined

The regional tour of the Collective Martine a la Plage was realized with the support of the Theatroskop – regional program of support for performing arts in SE Europe, the French Institute in Paris, the French Institute in Belgrade, the French Institute in Zagreb, the Val de Loire Center and the Ministry of Culture and information of Republic of Serbia.

Expressive juggling workshops
with Johan Swartvagher

Cultural center Magacin, Kraljevića Marka 4-8,

10.11. from 17:30-21:30
11.11. from 10-15:30
12.11. from 10-15:30

Participation: free
Apply on

Johan about the workshop:

“I approach the practice of juggling as a means of liberation.
These workshops are therefore turned towards this aspect : using your body in a free way and then throwing / shouting objects out of yourself.
I try to approach these bodily freedoms through closed-eye experiences, collective improvisations, trust games, listening to oneself and to the outside world.
Another aspect of the workshops I offer is writing : “What do I mean and how can I say it ?”.
This aspect needs a rather lonely “research” time. I thus approach the notions of time, space, variations, contrasts …

Finally, it is also important to me to think of juggling for the stage. To offer it to the others. Thus, regularly, the participants present their work in progress in order to “confront” the eyes. With these showings, we can work on the relationship to the fall, a fundamental question of juggling but also on offering oneself to others on stage, to create visibility of oneself and of one’s juggling.”