O5 CIRKUS – contemporary circus in the act

17 – 25th May

Circus again, only this time the real one, contemporary circus on several locations in the city. 

During pre-elective activities they say it’s going to be a ‘’real circus’’! For that reason, in defense of our profession, in defense of the name CIRCUS which has symbolized virtuosity, commitment, art, even lifestyle for over 250 years, we want to vindicate the real meaning of the word, to break away from the cliches we encounter every day. Therefore, when we say circus, we mean circus that enriches the city, that makes us laugh and challenges us, circus full of risk, but also circus as a place of art and culture. 

If you also want more of the real, contemporary circus during the year, we invite you to join us for nine days to discover the beauty of it through shows made by eminent artists and through spoken, educational and side programs. Artists from France, Brazil, Slovenia and Serbia, through several different international projects,  will present the audience and workshop participants with their own impression of the circus in the field of contemporary arts. 

We proudly give special attention to creative collaboration between associations Cirkusfera from Belgrade, Ludifico and Kreativni Pogon from Novi Sad, trough activities that are part of both ,,Cirkus danas’’ festival in Novi Sad and ,,O5 cirkus’’ festival in Belgrade, which are all supported by CIRKUS=UMETNOST project.

Program will take place in Bitef theater, Small theater Duško Radović and on the plateau in front of the Museum May 25th, but also in Novi Sad in collaboration with associations Ludifico and Kreativni Pogon. 

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