Circusnext platform is a project created for development and promotion of contemporary circus in Europe. Formed out of European cultural organizations dealing with contemporary circus, with aim to recognise prospective and innovative circus authors, provide financial, residential, mentoring and administrative support for production, increase visibility of young artistic groups and individuals and secure further work.

Platform is made out of 23 organizations from 13 countries. Parisian Circusnext, ex Jeunes talents Cirque Europe, is a coordinating organization, and Cirkusfera is one of its partners.

It’s a full year program with permanent activity in realization and profiling of innovative programs for nondominant arts, offering a unique opportunity to circus artists for uprising and networking into the European circus scene, and this way securing a high quality of artistic work. Cirkusfera, along with Cirkorama from Zagreb and ROOM100 from Split, helps development and provides support to young circus artists from the region.

Since 2017. Cirkusfera has hosted following groups and artists:

Proyecto Precipicio – Lugar ( Eleonora Gimenes i Vanina Fandino ) ( FR/ARG)

Lazuz – Lazuz ( Ron Bery i Itamar Gluksman ) (FR/ Izrael/ Švedska )

Mismo Nismo –  NOise cirkus (Eva Zibler, Oton Korošec, Tjaž Juvan) SLO

Random – Random (Joel Marti i Pablo Molina) Španija

OLGA_CirqueAnalogic – Long Play ( Catalina Lessa i Alejandro Dutra ) FR/ARG

Laura Murphy – Contra /  UK

Hugo Bergman – Between me and a hard place / Švedska

Myrto Petrochilou – 9 / Grčka

Ciara Marchese – Težina duše sve je privremeno Francuska/Italija

Edouard Peurichard – Ratnikov predah / Francuska

Hristina Šormaz – Tragovi / Srbija

The project is funded by means of Creative Europe and the Ministry of culture of Republic Serbia.

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