In an environment of a fragile historical context and volatile circus life, Duel was questioning the importance and power of support, collaboration and collective work in the contrast with conflict and dissension that leads to separation and individualism. 

With the use of partner acrobatics to search for a sensation of simple things such as touch, push and jump, a moving environment was created where the focus was also on how each gesture was influencing the other, causing a chain reaction. Every little friction, slip or look mattered and created a new environment, at one moment full of support, but at another full of clashes and rivalry. 

The process was examining the phenomena of dueling. The performers were challenging each other and themselves by physical action, using their circus disciplines. At times they played against one another, at times they chose to play together. Their choices demanded sacrifices at the price of their honor. They were pursuing their goals, but also accepting defeat.

Duel premiered on 17th of September 2021. at the CirkoBalkana tent. Perennial collaboration with French company Un loup pour l`homme and Croatian association Cirkorama, was celebrated with this premier. 

Authors and performers: Hristina Šormaz, Danka Sekulović, Nemanja Jovanović, Jelena Kalaica

Co-production: Cirkusfera / Serbia, Cirkorama / Croatia, Un loup pour l’homme  / France 

Artistic direction: Alexandre Fray, Špela Vodeb, Nikola Mijatović

Light design: Ana Pinter 

Technical support: Milan Manić, Nikola Mijatović 

Graphic design: Marin Remić 

Photo: Dragan Popović 

Duration: 60’

Age: 5+

Distribution: cirkobalkana@gmail.com

Supported by: CirkoБalkana festival, Teatroskop – Southeastern European Network for Performing Arts(a program initiated by French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, French Ministry of Culture, and Institut français Paris), Institut français in Paris, Institut français in Serbia, Institute français in Croatia, Ministry of culture and information of Republic of Serbia, Bitef theater, Bitef Festival, KC Magacin, Circus Residential Network (supported by Ministry of Culture and Media of Republic of Croatia, Municipality of Zagreb, City office of Culture)