LO ptice

Inspired by birds, we do as humans. Inspired by humans, we do as birds. Inspired by theater, we do circus. Inspired by the circus, we do theater. Inspired by play, we use a toy. Inspired by toys, we play. 

Using different juggling disciplines, we want to tell different stories. Different sizes of the balls we use, speak of different events among birds and humans. Using abstract and peculiar symbols we search for the truth. And the truth is always, in theater, in circus, in life; play.

By the end of childhood, we wish to grow older and prove ourselves as serious grownups, but grownups can still enjoy playing, because play is forever a crucial part of our lives. And all meanings of play we reveal in this show.

LO ptice are imaginative flying creatures, which exist only by virtue of the acrobatic skills of the performers. If you wish to understand the problems of LO ptice, it’s necessary to ask yourself in what way are you similar to them – because humans, like birds – love to play and learn about themselves and the world through play. This show sets comic questions through funny connections of gesture and metaphor: Is it worth waiting for Dodo? Are all stories ought to be trusted? Is there truth on the Internet? Could an eagle behave like a phoenix? Are we also similar to LO ptice?

Author: Danka Sekulović

Performers: Filip Stankovski, Milan Manić, Danka Sekulović

Scenography: Milica Babić

Composer: Miljan Sekulović

Graphic design: Slavica Dolašević

Juggling instructor: Milan Manić

Photo: Belkisa Abdulović

Duration: 45′

Age: 5+ 

Tickets: https://tickets.rs/event/lo_ptice_13142

Supported by: Secretariat for Culture of Belgrade.