Not the right leg

Not the right leg is an autobiographic solo performance of Danka Sekulović, a circus acrobat facing a professional injury. It describes process of rehabilitation and its side effects, asking the fundamental question – is the injured performing/performer’s body still a functional performing/performer’s body? To response on that question means to deal with different aspects of the body – its habitual character, its working character with the usage and market value of its own. Also, it means to represent it as a body of pain and pleasure, as a sick body, but also fascinating acrobatic body, beautiful and grotesque at the same time. The performance belongs to the traditions of documentary theatre, puppetry, physical theatre, contemporary dance movement and contemporary circus and stubbornly keeps itself inside metatheatrical frame, persistently using autobiographic perspective. This is the performance that tells the story about breaking the comfort zone and about the many potentials and urges of the body for playing. This is a warm, funny and sincere performance for all generations.

Author and performer: Danka Sekulović
Composer and musician : Branko Džinović
Scenography: Karkatag Kolektiv
Costume: Senka Radivojević
Puppets: Lana Rakanović
Art and photo : Slavica Dolašević
Director : Ana Popović
Cirkusfera & Tri groša & Otvoreno pozorište DKSG

Supported by: Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, Institut français de Serbie/ , Teatroskop, Cité internationale des arts, Prince Claus Fund, Magacin u Kraljevića Marka 4-8, Teatar Mimart.