Ways of being

Ways of being is a show which uses contemporary circus and dance, along with elements of physical theater, such as contact improvisation, partner acrobatics and ball manipulation as its expressive language. Performers set themselves up with a limitation, a loose, wooden construction, which becomes a meaningful symbol for the audience to relate to on many levels simultaneously. Together with crosswise audience setup, this is the only scenographic intervention on stage.

Referring to Samuel Becket’s thesis on french novelist Marcel Proust, where he defines a habit as a compromise between an individual and its surrounding, between an individual and it’s organic eccentricities, authors of Ways of being deconstruct the idea of habit into spectrum of meaningful potentials (habit as discipline, as training, as form; habit as compromise, as agreement; habit as inertia, as anticipation; habit as pattern, repetition…; habit as way of being). As a starting point, authors have used several limitations – rectangular, loose, wooden construction, one ball and three performing disciplines, in order to expand their meaning potentials. The core of this minimalistic performance is a habit, played in a wide spectrum of meaning. Hereof this show communicates well with both adults and children, referring to universal forms of storytelling. 

Authors and performers: Danka Sekulović and Tjaž Juvan

Co-production: Cirkusfera, Tri groša, MismoNismo (SLO)

Artistic direction: Ana Pinter

Technical support: Nenad Pinter
Graphic design: Slavica Dolašević

Photo: Strahinja Aćimović

Duration: 45’

Age: 5+
Supported by: CirkoBalkana festival, KC Magacin, Cirkorama (HR), Room100 (HR), Peculiar Families Festival (HR), Čarobnjakov šešir (HR), Circus Residential Network (HR)