The performance 40–60 is a product of a creative encounter between serbian circus artist Milan Manić (aged 40+) and slovenian street theatre artist Goro Osojnik (aged 60+). The authors, directors and performers, who perform under the name AnàSfera, were inspired by the classic work of the theatre of the absurd, Waiting for Godot and the iconic Czech animated series A Je To! To this they add a pinch of attitude towards the use of natural materials, and a critical view of the relations in modern society, for it seems that today’s world is in a big mess and lacks a common reason!

The protagonists, two Beckettian characters, truly feel somewhat alienated from the real world in a surreal setting – a wasteland with just one semi-dry tree as scenery, while surrounding them is the grandeur of capitalism where consumption is the equivalent of success. 

They wait, hoping that salvation day will come, when we will find the strength to work together, alleviate pressures, end wars and hegemony, and enjoy the benefits of technological development that will bring nirvana and the proverbial promised land.


This is probably just wishful thinking while, in reality, we are all waiting for the famous Godot, believing he will come. Well, not today, but tomorrow for sure…

In the visual sense, the authors predominantly use contemporary circus expressions (short equilibrist structures) in synergy with the impressive techniques of street theatre and physical theatre.

Authors, performers and directors: Milan Manić and Goro Osojnik

Co-production: Cirkusfera and Ana Monro Theatre

Graphic design: Antun Gverović

Duration: 45’

Age: 5+

Technical rider: Download file

Short comic: Download file